Cool off at Splash Pad at Fourth Ward Park

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People living in and near our Old Fourth Ward apartments are celebrating the arrival of spring by spending time outdoors. With summer just around the corner, there will never be a dull moment. A popular place to cool off from the Georgia heat is actually nearby at Historic Fourth Ward Park. Open every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., it can be found on … [Read more...]

Your pup will enjoy the Bark Park at Block Lofts Apartments

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Do you know what the benefits of pet ownership are? When you move into one of our Atlanta apartments with dog parks, you can expect your stress levels to lower, social circle to grow and blood pressure levels to reduce. Boasting an on-site Bark Park, Block Lofts is the ideal place to reside with man's best friend. But if you haven't yet got a … [Read more...]

Running tips for the Eastside Beltline Trail

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Keeping fit requires a good level of dedication, and your environment will most certainly affect your workouts. And when you move into one of our apartments near the Atlanta Beltline, you will get a surge of motivation to burn calories. For example, our community of Block Lofts is situated near the Eastside Beltline Trail. You can find this trail on … [Read more...]

Under the bed storage solutions for your apartment

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The only real difference to renting one bedroom apartments in Atlanta rather than a house is that you won't have as much space to store your belongings. Don't let this prevent you from signing that lease though, because there are numerous ways in which you can clear clutter. From floating shelves to dressed up windows, the following under bed storage … [Read more...]

Add a nice touch to your home with Floral Centerpieces

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Are you aware of the fact that flowers could improve air quality in your home and make you feel happier? Many top educational institutions have conducted research to prove how flowers enhance the mood and reduce feelings of stress. Combine this with the fact that flowers make the home look attractive, and there's no reason not to catch the eye with … [Read more...]