Add a nice touch to your home with Floral Centerpieces

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Are you aware of the fact that flowers could improve air quality in your home and make you feel happier? Many top educational institutions have conducted research to prove how flowers enhance the mood and reduce feelings of stress. Combine this with the fact that flowers make the home look attractive, and there's no reason not to catch the eye with … [Read more...]

Get Into Tabata Training at the Block Lofts Fitness Center

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At Block Lofts, renting one of our apartments with fitness centers in Atlanta means you won't need to pay for a gym membership. Whether you choose to burn calories swimming in the mineral pool, walking Fido around the Bark Park or inside the 24-hour Cardio Center, we are sure you'll enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle at our community. A recommended … [Read more...]

Steps to growing vegetables indoors

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There are some innovative ways to have fresh vegetables even if you don't have a plot of land. These days, indoor gardening is easier than ever--you simply need a few tips and tools. If you want the best in apartment living, including fresh veggies, then read on to find out how: Pot size and soil. Research what you want to grow. What requirements … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning 101: Get Rid of Clutter With These Tips

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You may think living in a loft apartment gives you limited space, but we offer spacious floor plans to all our residents. The best way to maximize the space in your Block Loft Apartment is to keep the clutter to a minimum. Use the following spring cleaning tips to get rid of the clutter in your apartment: Use a hanging shoe organizer and … [Read more...]

Serve These Delicious Spring Cocktails at Your Next Party

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Living at Block Lofts gives you plenty of opportunity to host a spring party. You can do it in an inviting space with the high ceilings and a great kitchen, or outside at the grilling area that has a fireplace. While food and entertainment are important aspects, nothing says spring like a refreshing cocktail. Here are a couple recipes you'll want to … [Read more...]